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Hispano-Moresque copper lustre vase, 19th century

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Short description:  Hispano-Moresque copper lustre vase, 19th century, nicely potted and finished

Size:  19 cm tall

Condition: Very good condition, some minor chips to footrim.

Detailed description:

This is a very nice example of the wares made in Spain in the 19th century in imitation of the earlier 14th and 15th century copper lustre wares in the Manises tradition.  

The techniques used on this vase are exactly the same as those on the earlier wares, which were strongly influenced by the Moorish/Islamic cultural dominance in that area.  The earthenware body is coated in a white slip and then painted with paint containing metal (in this case copper), and coated in a tin glaze.  This then then fired in a reducing atmosphere, which brings out the lustre.

This vase has four lug handles and is thinly potted.  It is marked on the bases with a a painted mark.

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