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Ruskin Art Pottery, large covered jar, lavender lustre glaze, 1924

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Size: 31 cm (12 inches) tall with lid, approx 25 cm (10 inches) across width of body.

This superb large jar is a challenge to photograph, since the highly reflective and varied glaze cannot easily be captured.  I can guarantee it looks much better than the images!

From 1898 William Howson Taylor ran the Ruskin pottery, which was named after the famous art cirtic John Ruskin, for 37 years, and became renowned for his highly experimental glazes. His work probably bears more resemblance to that being done in France, for example by Taxile Doat, Delaherche and Chaplet, than to any other British art pottery. On the closure of the pottery in 1935, all glaze records were destroyed so that Ruskin ware cannot be reproduced.

This is an exceptional piece in lustre glaze, very large but delicate in its potting and its glaze. The lavender lustre is not quite as sought after as the rich high-fired sang-de-boeuf glaze, but is still quite rare on a piece like this.

The jar and cover are both in excellent condition, no chips, cracks or restoration.  There is one small firing fault on the jar, where a fleck of dried glaze or clay, about 4mm long, has stuck to the body. This and other minor firing faults were part of the process of manufacture with this type of ware.

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